SANTA TOM, Atlanta's Real Santa Claus

Santa Tom is Atlanta’s Real Santa

Atlanta’s REAL Santa Claus, Santa Tom, has been very busy preparing for the Christmas season getting ready to visit children all over the Atlanta area. His elves are on top of their game making some grand toys and the reindeer have been busy getting in shape for their excursion around the world with Santa Claus!

Santa Tom is a real bearded Santa! If you pull on his beard, it will not come off! Affiliated with the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas (AORBS). Santa Tom is quite jolly and especially loves children of all ages! Please Write Santa today to schedule your holiday party! After all, Santa Tom is Atlanta’s REAL Santa!

Imagine the delight of your children, grandchildren and all the children of your employees when they hear Santa Tom’s deep “Ho! Ho! Ho!” as he enters the room! While awaiting their turn on Santa’s lap, Mrs. Terry Claus can keep the children happy by singing and reading Christmas stories. Everyone will be enchanted by this merry duo who share the true love of Christmas with great joy!

Don’t hesitate to ask Atlanta’s REAL Santa Claus, Santa Tom, and Mrs. Terry Claus to do something extra special for YOUR party! He will help you create a magical experience for all to remember forever. You see, SANTA CLAUS IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and Santa Tom loves to spread that love to all he meets! Make sure to Write Santa or call 678-266-7212 today to make you holiday party reservation.